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Tablet Metal Detectors
Our line of tablet metal detector encompasses pharma tablet metal detector, Digitech metal detector, auto validate metal detector and more. These detecting systems are mainly used in the inspection of tablets, capsules and other products.
Gravity Feed Metal Detector Equipments
Customers can buy third eye metal detector, vertical fall metal detectors and other gravity feed metal detector equipment from Unique Equipments at market leading price. These detecting equipment are mainly used in food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
Security Check Metal Detectors
From door frame metal detector, under vehicle search mirror, portable search light metal detector to gold metal detector, get security check metal detector for offices, malls, and many public places. Unique Equipments supplies this equipment for detecting copper, iron, bronze, silver and different metals.
Micro Scan Metal Detectors
Micro scan metal detector provided by Unique Equipments is an easy to operate device that is convenient to use, has high sensitivity and long functional life. This system has an audible and visual alarm metal detection.
Pulse Induction Metal Detector Equipments
Pulse induction metal detector equipment by Unique Equipments is quickly becoming popular for its easy operations, high performance and longer functional life. This detector can detect metals, like copper, brass, silver, gold and platinum.
Food Grade Metal Detectors
Micro metal detector machinery is a device we have included in the category of pharmaceutical metal detectors. This easy to operate and high in performance detector is sensitive to all kinds of metal and most difficult non-magnetic stainless steel.
Weighing Machines
The on line dynamic check weigher in the offering works on the latest automation technology. It can be used in packing departments to ensure efficiency, accuracy and reduce operator errors. Food industry is the major user of this weigher, followed by pharmaceutical and cosmetics.
Vehicle Search Mirror
Vehicle Search Mirror  is used to detect suspicious or concealed material located underneath of automobiles. Convex mirror of this tool provide clearly visible reflected image of hidden material. Light in weight, this portable type standard quality detection solution is highly durable.
Dedusting Machine
The Dedusting Machine is utilised in essential quality control in the pharmaceutical tablet compression process to remove small dust particles. Furthermore, it is simple to install with all types of tablet presses that include an integrated metal detector.
Inspection Machine
Inspection has evolved into an integral component of every production system. It is a method of eliminating nonconformities and ensuring high-quality goods. In order to properly assess the manufactured goods as per various quality norms, the Inspection Machine is the best choice.